Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa – “Stepping Stones” video

Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa
Video Shot & Edited
DJ Hoppa
Mixed & Mastered
Max Unruh

Back in October, Gavlyn and DJ Hoppa dropped a self-directed music video for their song “Stepping Stones”. The song, which released in April, is powered by an uptempo, snare-snapping rhythm and elements of a warm piano with tweaked “oohhh, yeaaah” vocal samples riding in the background. Gavlyn’s smooth flow and positive energy shines through inspiring raps that speak on taking control of your life and achieving your vision by way of keeping it real with yourself and your friends, knowing your worth, keeping good company around, speaking your mind, the importance of persistence, and dismissing negativity. These are some stepping stones to freeing your soul.

Filmed by DJ Hoppa, we see Gavlyn kickin’ it with friends (I see some guest appearances by Blimes and Gifted Gab) and having a good time in Venice. She’s also rockin’ some damn fly, colorful fits that were styled by Shamoncassette. Watch the video now, and hit the link below to purchase the single.

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