Prowess the Testament – “Heaven” (ft Nathaniel Star) video

Before I get into the music video, allow me to introduce you to Prowess The Testament, in case you’re unfamiliar. This Washington DC-based emcee started out under the alias of Naiea over 10 years ago, when she began to pen her own lyrics in a notebook and was developing her style. Integral to her hip hop path, she has cited a De La Soul performance as being what changed her life in grade school, John Robinson as someone who taught her the fundamentals of rhyming, and Lioness as someone who majorly impacted her as an emcee. She changed her name to Prowess The Testament after a local hip hop show, where she spit bars before big acts, such as Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One, and KRS told her she had prowess.

In 2016, she released her first official EP, titled Air.Human Breath.Divine, which was then followed by Right Where I Left It (2016), & 5KYGODD (2019). Prowess leads with flows so sharp that’ll “break kids clavicles,” fierce deliveries, strong conceptual storytelling, and intricate lyrics that find her spitting about cosmology, science tech, personal life, duality, sexual empowerment, embracing one’s identity, and more. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and has stayed working throughout the pandemic, including live virtual performances and dropping a few new singles from her forthcoming album, titled A Tale of Two Masters (go listen to “Something Wicked,” “Bang Bang,” and “No Equal Signs“).

On October 23rd, she dropped her most recent single, called “Heaven”. Over a shimmering, percussive-heavy, boom bap beat that was produced by The SOULution, Prowess spits confident, hard-hitting bars about fighting her way through all of life’s highs and lows, blasting above anything that might try to keep her down, and aiming high to sit among the lyrical greats. Nathaniel Star‘s warm, buttery soul vocals bless the hook, singing “Somewhere I dare… to be in Heaven’s view; some day I pray… that Heaven finds me, too.” Her new album drops on December 18th, so while you wait for that… watch this video, stream/purchase the single, and get ready for greatness!

There‚Äôs a sense of calm and peace that develops from living life in the entirety of its moments–ups, downs, and those lulls in between. This song captures those vibes–all the while emphasizing the lifelong pursuit to be among the greats.

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