Dirty Needles – “Makin’ It” (ft Alexa Gold) video

Dirty Needles
Song Producer
Charlie G
Additional Vocals
Alexa Gold
Video Director
The Chem Vision

Hailing from Ohio, Dirty Needles dropped a music video for his single “Makin’ It,” produced by Charlie G. Over a punchy drums peppered with delicate percussive sounds and violin strings, he spits hopeful, inspiring bars about striving to succeed. No matter what age you’re at, the adversity you’re faced with, or who’s standing in your corner, just remember that perseverance is key to makin’ it.

The visual was directed by The Chem Vision, and it finds Needles somewhere in Cleveland, standing in front of a powerful Our Lives Matter mural, as well as relaxing in his home while surrounded by meaningful records and the things he loves. Just as it should, it feels personal and inspired.

Blessing the chorus is Philadelphia singer Alexa Gold‘s warm, soulful voice, which is the cherry on top of this motivational rap song. If you’re wondering where she got her dope “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” earrings, just as I was, they were made by Sunnie Wallflower.

Watch the music video below, then go listen to the rest of his album, titled Cathartic. Stream or buy it from any of these locations. And if you didn’t know, the album art was done by ya girl, Tiffany Burriss.

“This song is about succeeding at all costs. I tackle it from a musical perspective. But, this can be applied to all walks of life. Whether you’re 9 to 5’ing it or just trying to make it to the next day. We’re all just trying to make it in some way, shape, or form. Especially in our current times.”

Dirty Needles

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