Audrey Nuna – “Damn Right” video

Audrey Nuna
Song Producer
Nate Donmoyer
Video Director
Loris Russier
Video Stylist
Audrey Nuna

Back in September, New Jersey-based singer/rapper Audrey Nuna dropped a new song and video, called “damn Right”. The music video was suggested to me through a YouTube recommendation, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share her music with you now.

Producer Nate Donmoyer crafted the beat on the same day that he met with Audrey over mole tacos. Serving a fun, uptempo beat that’s lush with fat snares, spaced-out synth lines, & fluttering hi-hats, “damn Right” is a satirical song that finds Audrey delivering cool, catchy lyrics about flexing and people who love talking shit. Her expressive flow follows through into the hook where her smooth, buttery pop vocals sing lines like: “Everybody talkin’ shit, and they damn right, damn right, damn right, yeah // Sayin’ plastic jewelry on my wrist, and they damn right, damn right, damn right.

The music video, directed by Loris Russier, was filmed in an old, abandoned home in Brooklyn where the walls have been decorated with self-portraits, a floor is decked out in trophies, and Audrey’s bathing in milk surrounded by naked barbies. As of posting this, the video has garnered over 2.5 million views, over the course of one month, so that should tell you something about the urgency of getting familiar with Audrey Nuna, if you’re not already.

Find this song on her debut EP dropping soon. While you wait, be sure to follow her social media accounts below, and check out other hit songs “Long Night“, “Time“, “Comic Sans“, and “Paper“.

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