Boog Brown – Summer Daze Vol. 1

Michigan-based emcee, poet, and writer Boog Brown has been sharpening her skills, making a name for herself, and releasing a barrage of music for over a decade. If you haven’t heard her name until now, I highly suggest you take the time going through her discography, because she is an incredible lyricist. She has released nearly 10 projects, including notable albums/EPs such as The Grind Season Vol. 1 (2010), Brown Study (2010), Brown Study Remixes (2011), and Boog Brown (2018), to name a few.

Following her self-titled project from 2018, she has been busy making new music, as well as performing (both on stage, as well as in livestreams this year due to quarantine shenanigans), doing interviews, writing, and more. Most recently, she released a 6-track EP, called Summer Daze Vol. 1, in collaboration with Spittzwell. The only features are those found on “The Fresh,” Ekundayo, Backwud Marc, and Stanza.

The project finds her spitting soul-invigorating, poetic bars with smooth precision and clever wit over a soothing selection of boom bap beats. Through introspective, thought-provoking storytelling, she covers subject matter that deals with finding one’s ego taking over, to then turning within and experiencing imposter syndrome, and eventually finding grace and growing as a musician/human (“The Lesson”); becoming your own master by taking control of one’s own mind and actions (“The Seed”); struggling in toxic relationships, dealing with internalized hate, and needing to take time alone to heal and work on self-love (“The Unknown”); and, lastly, trying to find beauty, unity, and strength within despite the realities of systemic racism and getting deeper in debt (“The Fresh”).

Packing a powerful punch, this 18-minute EP is definitely worth your time, one I’d suggest to you, and is super dope. You can stream it on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Deezer. To give you a taste, however, watch the lyric video for “The Seed”, directed by ProSound Media, below.

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