Faith Santilla – “No More Prisons”

Following her first single, Los Angeles’ own Faith Santilla dropped her a second offering, called “No More Prisons”. Produced by Fatgums and Spon, they open up with a relaxed, heart-thumping drum beat that slowly builds with sound samples like a prison cell gate closing, a gun firing, and warning signals, all of which help create the perfect soundscape for a song about mass incarceration.

I pledge allegiance to hypocrisy, land of the free, home of the dichotomy,” Faith opens up the song with her strong, commanding voice, further shedding light on the United States being the leading incarcerator and the country’s broken criminal justice system. “Land of the free, how ironic.

All proceeds from this song will go to Asian Prisoner Support Committee (APSC) whose mission is to provide direct support to Asian and Pacific Islander (API) prisoners, and to raise awareness about the growing number of APIs being imprisoned, detained, and deported.

“Big business turns a profit off of mass incarceration. The boss doesn’t create jobs with a living wage when he can exploit a prisoner’s labor for $2.00 a day. We have no legitimate healthcare system, so jail has become the mans answer to poor people’s to rehab and mental health services…thank you to Upu, Snoop, Eddy, K, Alvin, Neil, Bun and Nate for the picture used for the cover art for the single I just dropped, “No More Prisons.” All proceeds from the single will be donated to the @asianprisonersc, but please donate more to this valuable organization”

Faith Santilla, on Instagram

The cover art of “No More Prisons” features members of the ROOTS program at San Quentin, which is sponsored by APSC. ROOTS is an acronym for Restoring Our Original True Selves, which is a restorative justice program that seeks to increase understanding about immigration / refugee history, intergenerational trauma, leadership development, and reentry planning. Stream below, and hit the purchase link that’ll take you to Bandcamp.

200 billion spent on incarceration // 100 billion less on higher education //And in spite of their obvious inverse relation // Got a nationwide trend to imprison the population // So long as big wig individuals are making residuals off of recidivism // Now our prisons are our schools, and our schools now our prisons


Look out for this song on her forthcoming project, A Slow Build To Power, releasing via Beatrock Music.

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