BIG $ILKY – BIG $ILKY Vol​.​ 1

I couldn’t start this blog and not talk about BIG $ILKY, a hip hop duo between Psalm One and Angel Davanport (both are dope solo artists, too). Although they’ve been collaborating on each other’s solo projects for years, and are in a beautiful relationship, they were formerly apart of another music posse, called Rapperchicks, lasting for four years. By 2018, they had lost 2 members, one of which passed away (Henny B), and they were unsure of how to recover.

Closing the chapter on the Rapperchicks, Psalm and Angel chose to carry a torch in Henny B’s name by introducing themselves as BIG $ILKY. Same hearts, same big energies, same fire rhymes, and all of that talent that they bring to the table… just new management. Earlier this year, in April, they dropped their first volume of music, and they came out with a real big baaaang.

With production credits from Budah Tye, Optiks, Benzilla, OnGaud, and Bionik, they deliver hard-hitting beats for the two womxn to spit in-your-face raps equipped with slick flows, comedic wordplay, bars that’ll make you rewind to hear again, personal confessionals, and sexual energies on 10. Lyrical themes that speak on blazing trails, making music, and investing in themselves (“Put Your Cape On”); staying motivated, working hard, paying bills, and dodging snakes that want a handout (“Smokin’ In Therapy”); good love, mutual support, and wild sex in the shower (“Baby Shower”); separating emotional baggage and self-care from low-pressure dates of weed, pleasure, and vegan eats (“Storage”); flexing who you are now after moving on from old crushes who you later (“BTW”); and a final peace-out to Rapperchicks and their journey as an all-womxn group, complete with an air-out of some issues that took place (“RPRCHX IZ DED”).

This project is so fun, and every song is a banger that I’ve replayed over and over, having memorized all the lyrics, which is why I felt the need to share this project from 6 months ago; it’s daaaaamn good. Angel also flexes her beautiful singing throughout, sometimes soaring in the hooks and giving me chills. And while I have you here… if you have any free time, do yourself a favor and watch the first 12-episode season of their A Very Silky Show on YouTube. Okay, commence the listening – hit play!


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