Junglepussy – “Main Attraction” video

Shy, Roc & Mayne
Video director
Morbid The Clown
3D Animator

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Junglepussy dropped a music video for her single “Main Attraction,” from her newly released album JP4, that released via Jagjaguwar on October 23rd. Filmed, edited, and directed by Morbid The Clown, the NSFW visuals are trippy with neon colors and flashing imagery of Junglepussy either in a hot pink fishnet bodysuit, making lewd movements, or with her legs spread in front of a computer monitor while wearing a meat suit outfit (designed by soggygranola and nostalgia_wolf on IG). How can you not keep your eyes fixated on her at all times?

Produced by Shy Guy and Roc & Mayne, they whip up a chill, night-riding synth beat that sputters with hi-hats as she uses her power to command your attention with explicit lyrics, fiercely rapping about wanting someone who is all about her, all of the time. Her vocals shift into a delicate pop zone when she sings the chorus.

No social butterflies, no undercover lovers, and absolutely no one that wants her to be different. Only anti-social homebody hedonists are welcome to lineup. Whether in reality or as a 3D character (animated by Huntrezz), you better make her your main attraction.

Be sure to stream, support and purchase Junglepussy’s new album, JP4, wherever you consume music (here are your options). My personal favorite place to shop for music is Bandcamp, though.

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